Strohmier is an award winning Engineering and Information Technology Solutions Provider

Cyber Security

We understand that operating in the contemporary world requires state-of-the-art protection from tech-savvy criminals. That is why we provide a vast array of cyber network defense services to our clients.

Governance and Audit

Find out what you need to know about your organization to make meaningful, effective changes. Whether you come to us for internal audit outsourcing or internal audit co-sourcing, we conduct the most thorough examination of your processes possible.

Risk and Resilience

Our consulting firm in Ashburn, Virginia, provides a wide range of enterprise risk management (ERM) services.

Comptroller Services

Find out the true state of your finances, meet and exceed your goals and better protect your bottom line with help from Strohmier Consulting LLC ™.

Forensics and Compliance

We understand the importance of governance in achieving organizational goals. That is why our consulting engineers and technicians offer business process re-engineering and other services related to governance.